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  • Arduino serial programming using a Nokia phone cable

    Arduino serial programming using a Nokia phone cable

    My last article briefly described my first Arduino built on a breadboard.  I also talked about loading the bootloader with an AVRISP MKII programmer.  Once you’ve written your code for your Arduino you need a way to get your code onto your chip.  The bootloader makes it as easy as a serial cable and the…

  • Build your own Arduino

    Build your own Arduino

    So as the weather gets colder and my bank account doesn’t have the funds to continue on the Mustang for a while…  back to playing with microprocessors.  Yeah, I know I’m a geek… but who cares.  I’ve continued reading about hobby  electronics and robotics over the summer (Shout out to Mythbuster Grant Imahara).  I found…

  • Microprocessor fun

    Microprocessor fun

    Last winter as I wondered through the Internet, I stumbled upon The Society of Robots.  This website had gobs of information on building little robots and looked like fun.  As I read more I found their $50 dollar robot project and decided to try it.  I took an old iPhone box and used that as the body.…