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Using a proxy to help screen what the kids do on the computer

Paula and I were discussing how best to keep junk off the computers. By junk, I not only mean malware, but more importantly, ethylmethylbadshit. There is so much imformation on the web that the kids just shouldn’t be exposed to yet. However, In my line of work I have to visit some… not so nice […]

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Installing PECLjson on CentOS 5.3

I’m writing a bit of PHP that requires the use of the json_encode function. This function is built into php > 5.2 and on Fedora 10, it’s not an issue. json_encode PHP 5 >= 5.2.0, PECL json >= 1.2.0 Unfortunately Cent OS 5.3 uses php 5.1.6. No worries, using pecl it’s relatively straight forward . […]

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Synfig Animation Studio on Fedora 10

Matt asked to be able to create his own cartoons over the weekend. I did a little research and since the kids laptop runs Fedora 10, I had a few choices and narrowed it down to ktoon and synfig. It appeared people had some success in building RPMs for synfig on Fedora 9, so I […]

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Upgrading from Fedora 9 to Fedora 10

Fedora 10 includes a few improvements the kids have been asking for, most notably web cam support. I used to be a big proponent of doing a fresh install instead of an upgrade.  Upgrades have never worked out well in the past.  This time I’ve been told the tool preupgrade works well… soI gave it […]

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Morning permission issues with NFS mounts in Cent OS 5.2

This morning I attempted to configure an NFS share from a fresh Cent OS 5.2 machine to my desktop. I started by configuring NFS as I had for years. My /etc/exports config contained: /Storage_A,insecure,sync,no_root_squash) I started NFS, then tried to mount the share from my desktop, but got an access denied error. # mount […]

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