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SSH ports and who’s on them

So I have a server that I use as a bounce point.  I have servers connecting in to this server on semi-random ports and being the lazy sys admin, I needed to see what was connected using the least number of commands possible. The original method was just running: $ sudo netstat -lenp | grep […]

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SSH Reverse Shell

Wrote a short article on ssh reverse shells on my blog at work.  Check it out.

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VOX Scanner or Radio Recorder for Linux

We used to have a scanner recording program that ran on a dedicated Windows 98 machine.  It worked reasonably well, but wasn’t perfect (aside from the fact that it ran on Windows 98).  I found something that will work well as a replacement, it’s called sox (  A simple one line command records and separates […]

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Linux Distro Switch

For years I was a huge RedHat / Fedora Core / Fedora proponent since the RedHat 5.x versions. I tend to run older hardware with lower specs, but love to tinker with new things. I loved Fedora because it was always at the bleeding edge of development. That did occasionally lead to frustration where an […]

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Looking for the meat in a heavily commented config file

Just a quickie. Thought I’d share a tidbit here. If you ever find yourself looking through a file and only want the lines that matter, you can pretty easily do this with ‘cat’ and ‘grep’. Whilw I won’t go into detail as to all the fun uses of these, not into the multitude of other […]

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