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SSH ports and who’s on them

So I have a server that I use as a bounce point.  I have servers connecting in to this server on semi-random ports and being the lazy sys admin, I needed to see what was connected using the least number of commands possible. The original method was just running: $ sudo netstat -lenp | grep […]

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Linux Distro Switch

For years I was a huge RedHat / Fedora Core / Fedora proponent since the RedHat 5.x versions. I tend to run older hardware with lower specs, but love to tinker with new things. I loved Fedora because it was always at the bleeding edge of development. That did occasionally lead to frustration where an […]

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Working with LVM on the command line

I put this little How-TO together from my need to add and manage LVM volumes on several headless servers. LVM is quite powerful, but you can also make your life hell how the road if certain things aren’t in place. For this demonstration I have 2 Sata disks (sdc and sdd) that I’d like to […]

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