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SSH Reverse Shell

Wrote a short article on ssh reverse shells on my blog at work.  Check it out.

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VOX Scanner or Radio Recorder for Linux

We used to have a scanner recording program that ran on a dedicated Windows 98 machine.  It worked reasonably well, but wasn’t perfect (aside from the fact that it ran on Windows 98).  I found something that will work well as a replacement, it’s called sox (  A simple one line command records and separates […]

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Linux Distro Switch

For years I was a huge RedHat / Fedora Core / Fedora proponent since the RedHat 5.x versions. I tend to run older hardware with lower specs, but love to tinker with new things. I loved Fedora because it was always at the bleeding edge of development. That did occasionally lead to frustration where an […]

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Looking for the meat in a heavily commented config file

Just a quickie. Thought I’d share a tidbit here. If you ever find yourself looking through a file and only want the lines that matter, you can pretty easily do this with ‘cat’ and ‘grep’. Whilw I won’t go into detail as to all the fun uses of these, not into the multitude of other […]

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Using a proxy to help screen what the kids do on the computer

Paula and I were discussing how best to keep junk off the computers. By junk, I not only mean malware, but more importantly, ethylmethylbadshit. There is so much imformation on the web that the kids just shouldn’t be exposed to yet. However, In my line of work I have to visit some… not so nice […]

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